Free E-Books


Here you can find download links to free, english e-books by Alfred Ballabene and others. These books contain the knowledge that is being presented on this website plus some additional information and thoughts.

"About Kundalini"

 pdf-version of "About Kundalini" 

Non-ficiton book about the Kundalini. The matter is being explaind from a non-orthodox position and illustrated with personal experiences. The explainations are being limited to what is essential.



"Mental Forms And Psychogons"

pdf-version of "Mental Forms and Psychogons" 

Non-fiction book about the occult background of the vitalization of portraits. Also discussed are psychogons as pseudo intelligences and the opportunity of bridging with the help of psychogons to connect with real transcendent beings. 


"Dream Symbolism - Based on our Body Structure and Sensory Perception"

pdf-version of "Dream Symbolism - Based on our Body Structure and Sensory Perception"

Many dream symbols are derived from our body structure and sensory perception. As the physical circumstances contribute to an outer orientation, the hereof derived dream symbols serve as an inner orientation guide.



"IBE - States inside the Body"

pdf-version of "IBE - States inside the Body"

This ebook outlines phenomena occuring in the state before falling asleep (hypnagogic state). Also discussed are different in body experiences (IBE) like the perception of sleep paralysis or partial disengagements of subtle body parts.



"Astral Travelling"

pdf-version of "Astral Travelling"

Different phenomena and methods of astral travelling are presented and explained in this e-book. It also contains some introducing comments on lucid dreaming vs. astral travelling.


"Etheric Body"

pdf-version of "Etheric Body"

A thorough compilation of important topics regarding the etheric body - including OBEs and perception in the etheric body, silver cord, false awakening and more.



The original German versions and many other (German) e-books can be found at Ballabene's Astralseiten - ebooks. Free Portuguese e-Books are available at Peregrino Espiritual - ebooks.