States in Doze (Hynagogic State)

Term Explanations and Short Forms:

IBE = Short for “In Body Experience”.
OBE = Short for “Out of Body Experience”.
Hypnagogic State = short, dreamlike states before falling asleep
Hypnopompic State = short, dreamlike states before waking up

In the drowsy state of doze, we observe first transitions to the dream sleep like inner pictures or scenes. Sometimes we also have acoustical perceptions or muscle twitches. Still, we are able to reflect about the experienced phenomena. This state should not be confused with clairvoyance or clairaudience.

Movies and Pictures
We often experience the phenomenon of short dreamlike image sequences which are seen for one up to a few seconds only. If the body is not too exhausted (e.g. in the morning) we can watch these sequences with a bit more attention. This takes some effort because we often like to fall asleep again due to being “just tooo tired”. If this small amount of concentration can be raised, we will be richly rewarded. The once misty-gray pictures become more colorful, brighter and easier to remember. Some use this state for visualization (image seeing) or astral travel (“projection”).
A person with a revitalized energy system and a brightened aura will often see lights (e.g. lanterns or car headlights) in the hypnagogic state.

Voices and Sounds
Sometimes it happens that someone becomes wide awake because of a realistic doze experience. One may believe that such a phenomenon has been a perception during wakefulness and usher transcendence. This especially applies to voices. The bigger the ignorance and craving for recognition, the easier it is for someone to believe that god, an archangel, a ghost or something similar contacted him. Some might even think a higher power chose them as a bearer. If these voices are assigned to ghosts it might be scary for the affected but harmless in its effects. I received countless letters from people who unfortunately confused these voice with the voices of ghosts. This confusion caused huge fears.
Occasionally, there were cases where people felt talked to and chosen by angles or god. Often there has lain a need for recognition and attention underneath the shell.

Touch Sensation
Every once in a while, people notice tactile impressions like them being touched by a hand or like an animal walking over their bodies. Such a doze perception is impressive due to its liveliness but also alarming because of the belief that the intimate sphere is being invaded. Frequently, these light sleep perceptions are an actual copy of the reality. Once I was in such a situation and felt a mouse running over my legs. I noticed every paw and even felt the little claws. Scared, I jumped out of the bed but there was no trace of a mouse.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Seth