Places of Lust and Aggression


The following article deals with a plane, we will call hell, that is not a place of self-punishment. There is no such thing as punishment in the world beyond but self-punishment (see Hell Planes: Self-Punishment). In the world beyond, everyone is strongly attracted to the places that match with their own characteristics. Many people feel attracted to places where they are able to live out the wishes that they had to suppress during their lives. These are often planes that are characterized by a very dissolute lifestyle that can reach from harmless to chaotic. There, one has the possibility to finally compensate the worldly imposed conservative life. As the 'fulfillment' of the wishes doesn't bring the anticipated happiness, people feel frustration which results in aggression. Once this stage is reached the journey becomes more and more unpleasant. It is all downhill from there since anger and hatred increase. This is an automatic psychic mechanism that many people cannot control.

Back to the place where wishes are acted out. Visitors from a 'higher' sphere may find this lifestyle repelling because their thinking and feeling is based on different standards.
Most inhabitants of these hell planes are relatively harmless. Literature especially likes to portrait the lowest of those places. This serves on one hand side as a contrast and on the other hand side as a deterrent. Of course one can fall deeper and deeper. A feature of the astral planes is the fact that there are no limiting factors unlike in the material reality (no reacting matter, no law enforcers that punish). Everyone can live out their desires and fantasies completely, because there is no feedback and no restriction. This can result in alienation of norm. The people become more extreme in some aspects. From this point of view one can see a purpose of incarnation – the restricting boundaries of the material world help the derailed soul to find its way back to moderation.

“Twilight lands”

Translated from: Franchezzo "Ein Wanderer im Lande der Geister", Bietigheim, Württ., publisher: Turm Verlag, pages 65-68, Tl.1, chapter 6: Zwielichtland

One day I was wandering through these twilight lands and came into a city in the middle of a vast plain. The ground was black and dry. It could be compared to the ashes, rubble and clinker that can be found next to large ironworks. I was between the remains of ruinous huts that formed the transition area from the vast lands to the unfortunate city, when I heard the noises of a fight coming from one of the huts. Curiosity urged me to check what was going on and if there maybe is someone who needs my help.
The building I entered was more a barn than a house. In one of the rooms stood a large rough carpentered wooden table. Around the table sat a dozen men on small wooden chairs. These men were an insult to the humankind and more comparable with orangutans. Their rough and deformed facial features reminded me of the physiognomy of pigs, wolves and birds of prey.
It is impossible for me to describe these faces, these malformed bodies and twisted limbs. They wore tatty clothes similar to the clothing of the earthly existence and were a grotesque sight to look upon. Some of them wore traditional costumes of former times, others were dressed in the latest fashion. Overall they looked dirty, mean and tattered. Their hair was unkempt and messy. Their eyes glowed with the fire of intense passion then again they stared in despair or mischievous spite.

The ghosts I encountered in this building were fighting over a bag of money, that was laying on the table. One of them had found the money and wanted to use it as a bet in a game. The quarrel occurred when everyone just wanted to take the money without regard to the rights of the others. The question of law became a question of power and each man was threatening the others in violent ways. The finder of the money – or better the mental counterpart of our earthly money – was a young man with relatively good looks. He would not have fit into this degenerated circle of persons, if his strong passion had not left deep scars in his face. He claimed that the money was his property and that he wanted the men to play fair for it. He would not tolerate them to take it from him violently.

I had the feeling that there was nothing I could do to help. After I left this desolated place I heard the noises of several people crying out coming from behind me. I walked a few steps and found myself in front of another abandoned house. The moment I reached this house the whole wild gang ran out of their house, fighting to take the gold from the young man. They pushed one another while the first one in row beat and kicked the poor man and tried to grab his money bag.

When the attacker managed to get the gold, everyone dashed against him and the young man went on the run. He ran towards me. Just at that moment, the wild horde roared in anger. They wanted to catch the runaway and to mete out punishment to him for his betrayal. In fact the bag of gold they toke from the young man was filled with stones instead of money. It was similar to the fairy gold but here the gold turned into solid stones instead of turning into leafs.

The unlucky young man clung fast to me and begged me to save him from these devils. The whole gang dashed off towards us. Quick as lightning, I jumped into the empty building, dragging the poor man with me. I closed the door behind me and pushed my back against it, to keep the chasing pack out. Dear god! How aggressively they screamed, stamped and raged while trying to get in! And how I used all the power of my mind and body to keep them out! At that time I didn't know that invisible forces assisted me until the attackers gave up. In the end they left disappointed and angry, to search for another cause of quarrel.”

In regard to the stability and solidity of the door I want to add something from my personal observations. It is remarkable, that a brittle door like that couldn't be kicked in by so many shady creatures.

From: “Die Schicksalsbücher” Alfred Ballabene (“The Destiny Books” currently no English version available)

As the two friends entered the front yard of the first wooden shack, a desolated broad-shouldered man blocked their path.
“What do you know! Visitors.” He grinned. “You came here to find some relief, am I right? … Or to give some variety our existence? Anyways, you stay here and join in with us or you will regret your decision.”

When he realized that he couldn't make the desired impression on the two friends, neither with his appearance nor with his words, he called out for his followers. Suddenly, a whole bunch of untrustworthy people gathered around them. Neither Albin nor Antonio were interested in submitting to the unfriendly men. The leader of the group interpreted their hesitation right and broke a wooden slat from the hut next to him to give emphasis to his words.
He walked towards Antonio and winded up. Effortless, Antonio fought off his attack with his bare hand. A little fight couldn't scare Antonio off because he was used to a lot of conflicts due to his past life. The man was uncertain how to deal with Antonio so he tried his luck again with Albin. Albin was also not willing to let the unfriendly man force his ideas down his throat. He fought off the attacker like Antonio did before. He felt that some kind of force field was forming around his arm when he blocked the attack. The jab wasn't even touching his arm. The gang leader tried once again. This time he winded up more but the slat slid past Albin even tho he barely moved sideways. His inner confidence and preparedness acted like an invisible protective covering. It was hard to tell who was more surprised about that, Albin or the gang leader. The man tried to beat him harder several times after, but without any success. The gang members watched the scene with sardonic grins on their faces. It seemed like they obeyed the will of the leader but didn't love him. Seeing him fail brought them joy. …

Albin had lost interest in the gang leader already, but the force field that he felt during the attack puzzled him. He ruminated on this phenomenon and finally talked to Antonio about it. Antonio said that he had made the same observation and that it was puzzling him too. They discussed different explanations but nothing seemed to make sense. In the end they decided to make an experiment.

They both stood still. Albin teared a branch off a bush and gently hit Antonio's shoulder with it. The branch slid off three hands wide past Antonio's shoulder. Albin tried again harder and the branch came closer to Antonio's body before it slid off. Now there was just a half hand wide between the branch and his shoulder. This was a new insight. Apparently, it was not about an object and a body colliding, but about one persons will colliding with another persons will.

This assumption was confirmed when Antonio hit Albin with the branch.”