Protocol by Anandalahiri, 1976

"I dreamt that Anand Guru Ananda had the following dream, which I was told by Anand Maitreya with great joy:

Anand Guru Ananda sees in her dream some of the chelas of our Ashram; some of them have a circular, dark hole at the place where the Anahata lies. Anand Guru Ananda reckoned that these chelas were lacking something, they weren’t ready yet. Then she saw me in the dream. I had a mandala-like structure in my Anahata, but it was hardly visible, for there were many rays of light in various colours radiating from it, so that it was outshined. Just as I had seen the other chelas before in the dream of Anand Guru Ananda, I now saw myself as I was radiating light from my Anahata. I just know that there were different colours, but I think I can remember a rose colour, and maybe a golden-yellow and a blue colour (I am most sure about the rose colour, but however, I am not totally sure if I have made up these colours unconsciously afterwards). I even think it was more than three colours. Anand Guru Ananda told me through Anand Maitreya that I was radiating especially strong from the heart region, and for this reason, I would be able to evolve a real bhakta, and that this was the reason why I was supported so much recently by the honored Guru."