Protocol by Corra, 2015

"I was in my etheric body, lying in bed. I was energized from my vagina upwards, and I could feel the chakras rotating, firstly my Muladhara, then in the abdomen, and then in my solarplexus. One after the other got energized and I could feel the energy flowing upwards and swirling around. But it stopped at the solarplexus. I could sense the chakra vortices intensively and when the Solarplexus Chakra was activated, I saw this image. I don’t know why it was white; the patterns seemed to look a bit ‘celtic’ to me, but I am not sure if the picture shows exactly the same pattern, because I can’t remember it in that detail. I just know it looked a bit like a celtic knot. After having woken up, I still felt a blockage at the solarplexus, but I was feeling better now and I thought that my energies had been elevated."