Protocol by Corra, 2015

"In an exercise, I intensively tried to feel the energies in my body and, at the same time, to draw the momentaneous energetic state. I chose the colour orange because it is relatively neutral and simply represents vitality. The felt activity was the highest in those areas where the orange is most intensive in the picture. It is clearly visible that in the chest area the energies were flowing steadier than in my belly, where I felt the energies as an unrestful ‘flickering’. The Medha Nadi was a very active band on the front side of my body, which is why it is so deep orange there. At this time, in the Medha Nadi there was flowing more energy than in the Sushumna (spine). In my head there was less activity. The forehead was covered with a kind of tingling field, as was the whole head. I had the feeling that my head was a bit ‘open’ and exposed upward, that’s why there is a ‘bowl’ on the top of the head. The other chakras were rather indifferent."