Protocol by Nakaya, 1982

Observation of a tunnel forming

"Just the week before, during my exercise, I saw a small, sharp point of light with a small tail, like a comet. This tail must have derived from the movement of this point, which was moving with a frequency of about 1 Hz in a circle of about 1-1.5 cm diameter. So far, the point always circulated in one plane. Today, it began to move deeper – away from my body – like a drillbit, whereat a dark tube developed.

Now I saw the inside of a tube and, somewhat distant, a circular opening, so as if I would look through a telescope from the wrong side. In this opening there was a landscape that I could only see vaguely and blurry.

The whole occurrence may have lasted for about ten seconds, then I fell out of the exercise, exhausted and anchored too much ‘in my head’."