Protocol by Brigitta, 1982

Violet tunnel

"During a Forehead Chakra exercise, my field of view was covered in violet colour several times. Firstly, I found that disturbing and tried to get my focus on the Anahata. With progressing exercise and with increasing concentration, my field of view got dark. Soon, violet colour stripes were appearing that began to rotate increasingly, whereat they gradually formed a moving disc. This rotating disc occurred two times. On the third time, a tube had formed. The rings on its sides were composed of violet rings. At the end of this tube, a mild light was shining."

Further reports from the exercise protocol:

"In Bhakta exercises (meditations on love) sometimes tunnel images occurred. But I didn’t let myself get distracted by them. About two weeks ago, the following happened: I practiced and was a bit tired, when tunnel images appeared; but I ignored them. Then again a tunnel formed. Very briefly, I saw a part of a landscape on the other end, and in the next moment I were pulled through the tunnel very fastly and now I could see the landscape before me very clearly. It was very bright, an avenue with big, beautiful and old deciduous trees, with light-green and golden-yellow leaves. The colours had a freshness that vitalised me.

Soon, everything was covered in mist and the image moved into the distance. After that, I felt very awake and vitalised."