Protocol by Samaya, 1982


"For four days, I had had to stop my exercises due to strong wave activities in my head. Lesson with Guru Ananda: The whole thoracic area was very vitalised, and to my astonishment, I was already able to control the energies quite well. The waves only flew into the Anahata. In the last part of the lesson, I even dared to stimulate my Forehead Chakra. During the Mauna (sitting in silence), I suddendly saw the following image in the center between my eyebrows: from the middle of the forehead, a kind of tube protruded, as thick as a pencil. The diameter of this tube increased very strongly with growing distance from the forehead. Its form could be compared to a totally symmetrical chanterelle. Only that its dimensions were a bit larger, so that, at a distance of about five centimeters from the forehead, the diameter was nearly as broad as the forehead. From this outer part of the tube on, I could only see a vague haze that vanished completely at a certain distance. The funnel was bright and nearly colourless. It was only shimmering in a very delicate orange-yellowish tone, mixed with a bright blue."