Protocol by Samaya, 1982

Spiral of light

"One evening, after the yoga lesson, I visited Cittamatra. We went into the Ashram to discuss something, whereat I sat directly opposite to him. Suddendly, while talking, I noticed that my field of view was expanding and I perceived a golden-yellow cloud around Cittamatra. Firstly I believed to see his aura. But then I could see very clearly how golden-yellow glowing little clouds of light were drifting away from his Anahata, one after the other, and they were coming towards me in spiral movements. The closer they came, the bigger got the circles on which they moved towards me, and the longer the tails of light got which they were dragging behind them. I got the impression of a funnel that was coming from his Anahata. Through intellectual analysing, I fell out of this state, but I was able to return into this state for several times and everytime I saw again these described spirals of light."